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2017 Oct in Store

Indou is back again with sonic fire! Based in Tokyo, Indou is a unique group fusing live instrumentation of sitar, sax, guitar, and vocals with intensely deep bass and hypnotically raw percussion. This self-titled EP features previously unreleased remixes of music from B. Davis, Boom One Sound System, Dubsmith, and Indou.

1. Blood Fire (Japanese Ver.) / Indou Feat Ninja Wi Ninja / B. Davis
2. Crucial Rankin (Indou Remix) / Dubsmith & Sir Philpotts
3. Been a While (Indou Remix) / B. Davis and Boom One Sound System
4. Been a While Dub / Serigano aka Indou / B. Davis
5. Lonely Way (Instruments Ver.) Indou Remix / Boom One Sound System
6. Blood Fire (Indou Remix) / B. Davis and Boom One Sound System

Musicians and credits:

Serigano a.k.a Indou / Bass, Guitar, Synth, Machine, Composing, Programing
B. Davis / Vocal (Tr 3, 6), Lyrics, Keyboards, Composing (Tr 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Sir Philpotts / Vocal (Tr 2)
Dubsmith / Composing and Programing (Tr 2)
Kenta Koizumi (Ninja Wi Ninja) / Vocal (Tr 1)
Naoki Yukimura (Ninja Wi Ninja) / Guitar (Tr 1)
Takasi Matumoto / Sax (Tr 1, 2)
Daikichi Yoshida / Sitar (Tr 4)
Daisuke Fujiwara / Sax (Tr 4)

Boom One Sound System / Composing and Programing (Tr 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Producer and Engineer / Shoichi Serigano
Mastering / Shoichi Serigano
Art Work and Design / Takasi Kishine

Photo by Polytet /

Contact Us
Boom One Records ( / USA / JAPAN / email
FACEBOOK (Indou music) /
(Serigano) /

Special thanks to Dubsmith and Ryryjoji / Justin Butler / Mark Sullivan

INDOU RECORDS INDOU-002 ©Boom One Records  ©INDOU MUSIC 2017

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